Conversion of Monetary Values

This site is a result of a partnership between two engineers who believe to be able to add to the preservation of the Brazilian monetary memory, particularly when it refers to the correct alternatives of calculation for the update of values of the national currency along its existence.

Antonio Luiz de Souza e Mello, responsible for the technical subject, is a civil engineer, official appraiser, working for two decades in this area. He worked for Petrobras from 1975 to his recent retirement in 2002. He worked in the Judicial Service as Head of the Technical Sector for eleven years, verifying and analyzing economic aspects of readjustments of prices and monetary update in about 1600 contracts to happen, and as Assistant Technician of the company in many legal proceedings. Permanent member of the Commission for contracting Works and Services acted in the technical interpretation of all economic plans, what gives him an actuarial experience that few people have.

Alfredo Veiga de Carvalho, responsible for the web development, is a civil engineer, master in computer science at Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro (Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro) - PUC-Rio, professor of the Coordenação dos Cursos de Extensão (Coordination of Extension Courses) - CCE at PUC-Rio. Acting in the area of computer science since 1972, he implemented the site with the computational solution for the resulting problems from many changes occurred in the Brazilian currency.

Adding the professional experiences of both, or better, the exact and correct calculations of the first and the software development of the other, they had decided to make a tool for automatic update of values of the Brazilian currency.

Making available this tool at the BrasilMoeda, they expect to simplify the life of many Brazilians who for different interests, from the professional to the particular, want to know, in a simple and direct way, how much is today, in the national currency, a Brazilian monetary value for a time past.